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Food packaging

  • The manufacturer professionally prints and customizes the color printing logo of 5kg 10kg rice composite plastic portable vacuum packaging bag
  • The manufacturer professionally prints and customizes the color printing logo of 5kg 10kg rice composite plastic portable vacuum packaging bag
  • The manufacturer professionally prints and customizes the color printing logo of 5kg 10kg rice composite plastic portable vacuum packaging bag

The manufacturer professionally prints and customizes the color printing logo of 5kg 10kg rice composite plastic portable vacuum packaging bag

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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In order to ensure the quality of rice, more and more rice merchants choose vacuum packaging bags. In order to make it convenient for friends from all over the world to choose suitable rice vacuum packaging bags, now we have collected several conventional sizes of rice vacuum packaging bags, as shown in the table below:

1. Weight 2.5kg rice, vacuum bag size 270*400mm, thickness recommended 13-5c;

2. Weight 5kg rice, vacuum bag size 300*500mm or 320*520mm, thickness recommended 16-18c;

3. Weight 10kg rice, vacuum bag size 350*600mm, thickness recommended 19-23c;

4. Weight 15kg rice, vacuum bag size 400*650mm, thickness recommended 22-26c;

5. The weight is 25kg rice, the size of vacuum packaging bag is 450*770mm, and the thickness is recommended to be more than 25C.

(the above is for reference only!)

The cost of customizing rice packaging bags is about 1-2 yuan, and the specific price should be calculated according to the demand. First of all, we need to be clear about the difference between customization and spot goods. The bags in spot goods are already finished products, which can be sold at a clear price. It also saves the production process for customers, but the style is relatively simple. If it is customized, it is different. The bag can be made whatever it wants, including bag type, size, materials, printing, technology, etc., but the premise is that the customer's needs must be clear. Why should we clarify the needs? Isn't it OK to quote directly? There is a misconception that customization is as simple as spot goods. In fact, it's not. Here we explain why we should try to clarify specific needs.

Demand 1: bag type

There are many types of customized bags, and the production costs of different types of bags are different. The production costs of general three side sealed bags are lower than those of other bag types, so the price and minimum order volume fluctuate greatly. For example, the conventional 5kg rice bags can be customized with only 10000.

Requirement 2: size

The size will directly affect the materials, minimum order quantity and edition fee. The larger the size, the less the minimum order quantity, the more materials used, the higher the price and the more expensive the edition fee

Demand 3: printing

The level of edition fee is related to the richness of printing colors. The more colors, the more editions, and the higher the cost.

Requirement 4: purpose (material)

The material mix is different for different purposes, and the price is also very different, such as:

1. The air tightness, tensile strength, softness and explosion resistance of the vacuumized rice packaging bag should be considered to avoid being worn and burst during transportation. Therefore, puncture proof PE and nylon should be selected to match.

2. The packaging of dried fruits and nuts should choose bopp/pet aluminized /pe or bopp/ pure aluminum /pe to ensure moisture resistance, fragrance retention and shading.

3. Nylon /pe shall be used for anti freezing packaging. High temperature resistant packaging bags shall be made of rcpp.

Therefore, if you want to know the specific price of customized packaging bags, the purpose must be clear, and it is best to give the material mix.

Requirement 5: thickness

The thickness is related to the number of layers of the bag. The thicker the bag is made, the more layers of material are required, so the higher the price.

Demand 6: quantity

The quantity is also a factor affecting the price. Generally, the minimum order quantity is enough, and the minimum order quantity is calculated according to the size.

With the improvement of people's living standards, rice vacuum packaging bags have gradually replaced rice woven bags and are widely used. Next, let's see the difference between rice vacuum packaging bags and rice woven bags!

1、 Characteristics of rice woven bags

Woven bag packaging of rice is to use plastic woven bags made of polypropylene and other materials to pack rice and seal it with suture. No fresh-keeping technology is applied in the packaging process. This kind of packaging has a relatively poor effect on insect prevention, mold prevention and fresh-keeping of rice, and generally can only accommodate grain. However, due to the strong tensile strength of plastic woven bags, rice with heavy packaging weight is mostly packaged with this kind of packaging, and the shelf life is about three months.

1. The airtightness is not strong, and it is prone to damp and mildew, which is not very good for the insect prevention and fresh-keeping of rice.

2. It is generally used to hold more rice.

3. Plastic woven bags have strong tensile strength, and rice with heavy packaging weight is usually packaged with this kind of packaging.

2、 Characteristics of rice vacuum packaging bag:

Using vacuum packaging bags can reduce the O2 concentration in the storage packaging, inhibit the respiratory intensity of rice and the reproduction of mold, prevent rice from aging, mildew, insects, etc., and better maintain the quality of rice. At present, the vacuum degree of rice vacuum packaging is generally between -0.07~-0.09 kPa. Due to the high vacuum degree, the packaging materials tightly wrap the rice, and the packaging bag is easy to be punctured by the rice grains, resulting in the failure of the vacuum packaging. In the circulation process, the friction, collision and fall between bags are also easy to cause the packaging bag to break. Therefore, the fresh-keeping packaging of rice should be combined with the circulation environment at the same time, so as to achieve good results.

1. It can reduce the contact between rice and oxygen in the air, which is safe, environment-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless and in line with national standards.

2. Oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality assurance, fresh preservation, odor protection and other functions.

3. Prevent rice from aging, mildew and insects.

Rice woven bags can't be completely replaced. Sometimes there are many places to use them. The above is the introduction of the difference between rice vacuum packaging bag and rice woven bag.

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