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Heilongjiang promotes green transformation of express delivery industry

Eight departments of Heilongjiang Province recently jointly issued the "opinions of Heilongjiang Province on accelerating the green transformation of express packaging", which made it clear that by 2025, Heilongjiang Province will completely ban non degradable plastic packaging, and express packaging will basically realize the green transformation.
The opinions made it clear that Heilongjiang Province will strengthen the Green Governance of express packaging, strengthen the standardized management of e-commerce and express delivery, increase the supply of green products, cultivate a new model of circular packaging, and promote the establishment of regulations and policy systems compatible with the green concept.
The "opinions" set the governance objectives of express packaging. For example, in 2021, the two special governance works of excessive heavy metals and specific substances, packaging bags and excessive packaging, were carried out in depth, and the proportion of e-commerce express that no longer has secondary packaging reached 80%.
By 2023, the incentive and restraint mechanism for market players of express packaging governance will be basically established; Implement the mandatory national standards for the harmlessness of express packaging materials, and orderly establish a unified, standardized and well constrained local standard system for express green packaging in the province; The standardized management of e-commerce and express delivery has been generally promoted, and the proportion of e-commerce express no longer has secondary packaging reached more than 85%.
By 2025, a system of regulations, standards and policies compatible with the green concept will be fully established in the field of express packaging, and a long-term governance mechanism will be formed throughout the whole chain of express packaging production, use, recycling and disposal; E-commerce express basically realizes the large-scale application of recyclable express packaging without secondary packaging, and comprehensively prohibits non degradable plastic packaging.

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