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Giants have laid out pulp molding. How big is the market

Recently, the packaging industry has been swept away by the new project of building pulp molding environmental friendly tableware in Hainan by Da Shengda.
Just a few days ago, Da Shengda officially announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with gitli. Hainan dashengda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly invested to build the "pulp molding environmental protection tableware intelligent R & D and production base project" in Haikou national high tech Zone, with a total investment of 500million yuan.
On November 10, Hainan dashengda has been officially incorporated. After the completion of the project, it will have an annual production capacity of 30000 tons of pulp molded environmental friendly tableware, and is expected to achieve a sales revenue of 626 million yuan a year. Da Shengda holds 90% of the shares in the Hainan project, and the other 10% belongs to gitli environmental protection technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. According to the latest announcement, dashengda plans to raise 277million yuan originally planned for the "annual output of 150million square meters of green, environmental protection, intelligent and high-end packaging carton technological transformation project" for the construction of pulp molding project in Hainan dashengda. This also reflects the expectations of dashenda for the pulp molding project.
After the completion of Hainan dashengda, it will be supported by gitli in terms of orders, equipment and production. So where is Gillett sacred? Let's have another steak.
Relevant announcements show that gitli is a leading enterprise in the domestic pulp molding industry. It has an early layout in the pulp molding market, making both pulp molding equipment and pulp molding products. Invested by far east environmental protection technology and foreign investors in Hong Kong, it specializes in the development and utilization of low-carbon new materials, as well as the technology, process development and production of low-carbon environmental protection series products such as low-carbon environmental protection food packaging, low-carbon environmental protection industrial packaging, low-carbon environmental protection daily necessities, low-carbon environmental protection new building decoration materials, etc.
Far east gitli equipment has 36 production lines of green environmental protection packaging products at the international advanced level. With 95 national invention patents and practical patents, it is known as the most powerful pulp and environment-friendly food packaging production base in Asia.
Da Shengda and gitelli have joined forces. The capital chain, production line and technology have been completed, and there is no efficiency!
it happens that there is a similar case. In April 2020, Yutong technology announced that it planned to invest 400million yuan in Haikou national high tech Industrial Development Zone to build an environmental friendly degradable products and supporting high-end packaging industry base.
The Yutong Hainan project plans to cover an area of about 80 mu. After completion, it can achieve an annual output value of about 640million yuan, and its volume is basically the same as that of Hainan dashengda. Moreover, it also takes pulp molded tableware as an important target product.
According to the news recently released by Yutong, the pulp molding production line of its Hainan project has begun trial production. According to media reports, the site of Hainan dashengda may be only 20 or 30 kilometers away from Hainan Yutong.
Which boss can think of: Yutong, who originally made boutique boxes, and dashengda, who originally made cartons, will one day become competitors in the pulp molding Market?
However, unexpected things happened quietly.
This can also fully prove how popular the pulp molding market has been in the recent two to three years under the trend of "replacing plastic with paper".
It is worth noting that Da Shengda chose to cooperate with gitli to develop the pulp molding market this time. Shanying international, one of the major shareholders of gitli, explained that the pulp molding industry is still in the stage of rapid development, and the willingness of manufacturers to cooperate is greater than competition. The company has no concerns in this regard for the time being.
In recent years, with the gradual release of the demand for "replacing plastic with paper", subdivisions such as pulp molding have attracted capital layouts from all walks of life and become the next outlet of the paper industry chain. Yutong technology, Shanying international, Yongfa group, Kaicheng technology, Jielong Industry, meiyingsen, Hexing, Jihong, Stora Enso, Huilin packaging and other packaging giants have low-key layout of the pulp molding industry.
In addition to Yutong investing another 400million yuan to build a new pulp molding base in Hainan and Jielong building five pulp molding plants in two years, Jihong also invested 10.75 million yuan to acquire 33% equity of Anhui Weizhi environmental protection paper products Co., Ltd. as early as 2018.
Jihong said this: "in the context of emphasizing food safety and the introduction of the plastic restriction order, environmental protection packaging has become one of the important links of food safety. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, takeaway goods are popular, and the scope of restrictions will gradually be extended to plastic tableware. The demand for food grade packaging with environmental protection concept (such as environmental protection takeaway lunch boxes, etc.) will continue to maintain rapid growth with the development of takeaway industry..."
Yongfa Hong Kong listed companies, as a century old store, have a very sensitive sense of smell. They began to carry out pulp molding business in 2014. There are four pulp molding business segments: Yongfa (Shanghai) molding, Yongfa (Henan) molding, Yongfa (Jiangsu) molding and Qingdao Yongfa molding.
The environmental protection packaging products represented by the above giants' preemptive layout of selling lunch boxes and so on are obviously driven by the growing call for a comprehensive plastic ban in recent years.
If the ban on plastic makes room for alternative products to withdraw from the market, paper packaging products will obviously be one of the main beneficiaries. Because at present, it seems that there are not many better choices than cartons, paper bags, pulp molding products, etc. to replace disposable plastic products that are difficult to degrade. Presumably, this is the main logic that Yutong, Jihong and some other enterprises in the circle are eager to try to replace the plastic market with paper.
The question is: under the ban on plastic, why did Yutong and Jihong choose environmentally friendly lunch boxes based on takeout packaging?
Looking at the relevant regulations of Jilin, Hainan and the national development and Reform Commission, we can see that although it is interpreted by many media as a "total ban on plastic", the main prohibited products are actually two categories: disposable plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware. Among them, the use of plastic bags has been restricted for 13 years since 2008. At present, the scope of prohibition is expanding, but the imagination space left to the market is not very large.
With the explosive growth of catering takeout, disposable plastic tableware has become one of the main sources of plastic waste. Moreover, the proportion of alternative environmental protection products is still very limited.
The domestic market is in full swing, and foreign pulp molding giants also see it. Thornico of Denmark is also laying out the Chinese market. They are also the world's largest producer of molded fiber packaging products. At the end of 2019, Chuzhou Senwo paper packaging Co., Ltd. started construction. The total investment of the project is about 120million yuan, and it plans to build a project with an annual output of 200million molded chicken and egg packaging products. The production technology of the project comes from Hartmann company under thornico group. Paper egg packaging products will use 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, and will be fully committed to the business model of environmental friendly and sustainable development.
With the increasingly serious plastic pollution and the promotion of global plastic restriction measures, more and more countries will join the pace of global plastic restriction, and plastic restriction activities will become a global trend. In 2007, the State Council announced that the plastic restriction order would be implemented from June 2008. The initial effect of the policy was good, but with the growth in the demand for plastic in the field of catering takeout and logistics express delivery, the late effect of the policy was not significant.
In 2020, the state issued a new version of the plastic ban order. Compared with the 2008 plastic ban order and the 2020 plastic ban order, the 2020 plastic ban order has the advantages of gradual goal, comprehensive coverage and synergy. The new version of the plastic restriction order especially introduces plastic substitutes. However, due to the large capacity gap of biodegradable plastics in China, the manufacturing process and recycling system are not perfect, which can not make up for the plastic scale reduced by the plastic restriction order. China's paper industry is relatively mature, and the production capacity of white cardboard box and paperboard has increased steadily over the years. Paper products are expected to become the backbone of plastic substitution under the plastic restriction order.

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