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Company Culture

Heying spirit strives for Pioneer

"Self improvement, virtue and material" is the concept that Heying company has always adhered to. For many years, Heying people have strictly implemented the company's management system, worked hard, moved forward bravely, worked in unity and cooperation, disciplined themselves, selfless dedication, and worked hard to become an industry pioneer model.

Heying strategic innovation and development

Heying packaging company introduces the world's top printing equipment and technology, attaches importance to scientific and technological research, product testing, and injects technicians. Guided by customer needs, it makes unremitting efforts to research, create, and produce more and more refined packaging and printing products; We will continue to exceed the growing expectations of our customers and ensure that we keep pace with the times and develop steadily.

Heying product quality first

Heying products always adhere to the principle of quality for survival, quality for development, and quality for efficiency. Heying people have been meticulous and keep improving, and strive to produce products that satisfy and trust customers.

Heying serves customers first

Heying service takes "leaving convenience to customers and difficulties to yourself" as the criterion, pays attention to customer communication and communication, introduces ERP electronic systematic management, tracks the order process around the clock and strictly controls the product quality, tries its best to solve problems for customers, provides first-class and efficient services, and works together with customers for win-win results.

Heying develops with each passing day

Since its establishment in 2001, Heying company has developed rapidly in the fierce market competition and continued to grow. It is highly praised and trusted by customers at home and abroad in the field of packaging industry. With the leading ideology of "striving for pioneer, innovative development, quality first, customer first", Heying company leads all employees to a more brilliant future.







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