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  • Manufacturer printed customized bamboo shoot packaging bag color printing logo QS certification

Manufacturer printed customized bamboo shoot packaging bag color printing logo QS certification

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Bamboo shoot packing bag

Bamboo shoots taste fresh and crisp. They are high protein, low-fat and multi fiber food. They taste sweet and slightly cold. They can help digestion, lose weight, and prevent colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases. However, the fresh bamboo shoots have a short shelf life. In order to meet the needs of consumers and long-distance transportation, we must first solve the packaging problem.

Now its flexible packaging technology is introduced as follows:

1、 Process flow. Raw materials → precooking → cooling → raw materials preservation → removing bamboo shoots and clothes → cleaning → sorting and bagging → adding soup → sealing → high temperature sterilization → finished product inspection → warehousing.

2、 Process description.

1. Raw materials. Raw materials that are fresh, moth free, erosion free, bone yellow or milky white and 24 ~ 27cm long should be purchased on the same day. Cut off the aged or lignified parts and preserve the bamboo shoot tips.

2. Pre boil. After boiling with 0.2% citric acid water, put the bamboo shoots in and cook for 4 ~ 6 minutes, thoroughly but not rotten. The amount of water is 5 times that of the raw material. When pre cooking, tear it up and boil it thoroughly. Take it out immediately.

3. Cooling. After precooking, put it in running water to cool down and let it cool through as soon as possible. Prevent post ripening and softening due to incomplete cooling.

4. Preservation of raw materials. Put the cooled raw materials neatly into the bucket or pool, fill it with preservative containing 0.2% sodium pyrosulfite, 0.3% citric acid and 2% salt water solution, and dip the raw materials.

5. Remove bamboo shoots and clothes. Remove the bamboo shoot clothes on the surface of the bamboo shoot mechanically or manually, and do not damage the shoot tip.

6. Organize and bag. Select bamboo shoots with the same size, color and quality, cut 15 ~ 17 cm long bamboo shoots based on the shoot tip, and pack them according to 90% of the net weight of each bag. Bagging should be neat and beautiful, and do not pollute the inner wall of the composite bag.

7. Add soup. After the water boils, add 0.2% citric acid, 0.1% sodium benzoate and 10% table salt in sequence, dissolve and filter them, put them into the bucket, and add them into the composite bag when cooled to anhydrous steam. When adding soup, prevent the soup from adhering to the bag wall.

8. Sealing. Seal immediately after adding soup. The adjustable sealing machine should be adjusted at an inclination greater than 0.6cm.

9. High temperature sterilization. Pressurized sterilization and pressurized cooling method are adopted. Sterilization lasts for 5 ~ 2.5 ~ 5 minutes, sterilization pressure is 49 ~ 98 kPa, and cooling pressure is 78.4 ~ 117.6 kPa.

10. Finished product inspection. After high-temperature sterilization, check whether the products are defective and sundries, whether the packaging bags are abnormal, and whether the evacuation is normal. After the products are qualified, pack them into the warehouse.

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