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Customized Process

Customized steps

1. The customer provides the text content, size and thickness of the packaging bag, or sends the design draft, and we will make a quotation. (if you have sample bags, please send them to us.)

2. After both parties reach an agreement, they need to pay the full edition fee and 30% deposit in advance. (I hope new and old customers can understand! Customized products are special, and it has always been our industry rule to charge the deposit in advance!)

3. After the design is completed, the customer should carefully confirm it and arrange plate making after confirmation. (to avoid unnecessary losses, please carefully check the text, specifications, patterns and other contents of this manuscript.)

4. Mass production (customers can come to see the color before printing, and Pantone color number or reference color can be provided if it is inconvenient). The production process includes printing, quality inspection, compounding, ripening, bag making and outgoing quality inspection.

5. After the goods are ready, we will tell the customer the quantity (10% quantity deviation is allowed for printed matter), and the customer must first settle the balance before we can deliver the goods, and then we will send the packaging bags through logistics. (plastic bag products are relatively heavy, and the unified default delivery logistics.)







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