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Company Profile

The company is a private enterprise specializing in printing and producing all kinds of plastic flexible packaging bags. The franchise is applicable to all kinds of packaging bags and automatic packaging films for cosmetics, food, drugs, etc. Products include:

1. Daily cosmetics packaging series, washing supplies and facial mask bags, trial roll film, etc;

2. Food packaging series: various tea, candy, biscuits, beverages and other packaging bags;

3. Pharmaceutical packaging series: automatic packaging bags for granule granules;

4. Health care products packaging bag, pure aluminum composite bag.

Since its inception, the company has been implementing the business policy of "quality service to create first-class; quality reputation first", and "quality wins, integrity-based" is the business philosophy we have always adhered to.

We know that the survival of enterprises depends on quality, and the development of enterprises depends on technology. We are eager to get your support and recognition. We believe that we have the ability to promote your products and add icing on the cake to the packaging of enterprises. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with people from all walks of life. We sincerely welcome customers to call and inquire. We sincerely hope to establish friendly cooperative relations with you and seek common development. Introduce a series of modern printing, compounding and bag making equipment in production. Excellent product quality fully guarantees the interests of customers and promotes social benefits at the same time. Since the establishment of the company, we have won the trust of our customers in the spirit of excellence, service first and high-quality requirements. We sincerely welcome your company to contact us and negotiate business!







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