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Raw materials have plummeted! Cheap plastic packaging impacts the paper packaging market

Under the shadow of the global economic depression, the plastic industry is facing a serious shortage of downstream demand and a double blow of the callback of upstream crude oil. The plastic index has been declining all the way!

In the last two months, the biggest problem faced by the factory is "worrying about orders"! The impact of the post epidemic period on China's consumer market has become increasingly obvious, and overseas orders are in a high degree of uncertainty, seriously hurting market confidence.

Recently, EVA, PP, PE, POM, etc. have declined to varying degrees, of which the highest price of POM is 3000 / ton.

It's all about buying up and not buying down. The current market has further dampened the enthusiasm of purchasing. Everyone is standing still and waiting for the next action of the price:

Plastic packaging has a long history of development in China, and has formed a relatively mature industrial chain. Specifically, the upstream of plastic packaging is the supply of general plastics for raw materials, plastic additives and special equipment for plastic processing, and most of the enterprises are plastic products enterprises; The middle reaches are plastic packaging manufacturing links, including plastic products such as plastic barrels, plastic bottles and plastic caps, as well as plastic hoses, plastic bags and other amorphous products; The downstream is the application field, including beverage manufacturing, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, daily chemical product manufacturing and edible oil manufacturing.

The sharp drop in the price of plastic rice, a major raw material, has a great impact on the whole packaging industry. The current packaging users are facing the dilemma of insufficient orders for domestic demand and steep orders for foreign trade. Enterprises urgently need to reduce costs to get a respite.

The sharp drop in plastic raw materials and plastic packaging may reduce the price of cabbage, and to a certain extent, cushion the impact brought by the prohibition and restriction of plastic.

As worries about the economic recession are taking shape, the orders of plastic materials in the market are declining significantly. It is difficult for plastics to rebound in the short term. The cost advantage of plastic packaging will be revealed in e-commerce packaging, buffer packaging and other fields, which will further hit the packaging paper market.

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