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After-sale Service

"Focus on quality, keep good faith, products to reassure customers, service to customer satisfaction!" Is the core concept. Specializing in the production and printing of composite aluminum foil packaging: such as shampoo aluminum foil roll film, facial mask bag, eye mask bag, mouth bag, vertical bag, cosmetics trial package, food packaging bag, tea bag, veterinary medicine bag, medicine bag, electronic aluminum foil composite bag, printing bottle type heat shrinkable film, sealing shrink film and other products. Our goal is to make your product image more rich and powerful; Our task is to make your products recognized by consumers; Our aim is to keep your sales performance rising. Our company makes the following commitments to new and old customers:

1、 Product quality commitment:

1. The manufacturing and testing of products are provided with quality records and testing data.

2. The bulk products shall be inspected in the whole process and from all angles, and shall be packaged and shipped after the products are confirmed to be qualified.

3. The products are stable and reliable in quality and have a long service life.

2、 Product price commitment:

Under the same competitive conditions, on the basis of not reducing the product material, we sincerely offer to customers at the most favorable price.

3、 Delivery commitment:

Product delivery date: according to the user's requirements, if there are special requirements that need to be completed ahead of time, our company can specially organize production to meet the user's needs.

4、 After sales service commitment: If there is any production quality problem within 10 days of delivery, our company will replace it, and the round-trip freight will be borne by our company.







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