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Cosmetic packaging

  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized daily chemical foot film pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag
  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized daily chemical foot film pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag
  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized daily chemical foot film pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag
  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized daily chemical foot film pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag

The manufacturer specializes in printing customized daily chemical foot film pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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Foot film, foot film packaging bag

The material is made of pet/al/pet/pe, which has good printing effect, strong AL barrier performance, light tight, PE ordinary packaging inner layer. When using aluminum foil, the purity of the material is very high, which must reach 99.99%, and there are almost no impurities. However, aluminum foil is rarely used alone because of small pores, so it should be bonded with plastic film.

Beauty is the nature of all girls. Foot film is a product we often use. What are its functions? Is the foot membrane so easy to use as advertised?

Efficacy and function of foot membrane

Remove dead skin on feet

I believe the ladies have heard of the effect of removing dead skin from the foot membrane. In fact, the foot membrane softens calluses, dead skin and horniness and accelerates cell metabolism through the acidic components contained therein, such as salicylic acid, lactic acid and fruit acid. These substances can play a role in promoting the aging and peeling of the hard skin of the foot, which is what we often call "peeling". But ladies and sisters should know that this effect is not permanent, because the human stratum corneum will automatically update once in the metabolic cycle within 28 days, and the foot membrane just accelerates the update speed. After about 28 days, horny calluses caused by foot friction will still grow out.

Moisture replenishment

Maybe many little sisters are afraid of such "powerful drugs" as peeling foot film, so now there is a moisturizing foot film on the market. The moisturizing ingredients in the foot mask will play a role in nourishing the skin and moisturizing dry skin. However, due to the lack of water and dryness of the foot skin due to the thick cuticle, the maintenance foot membrane also has the effect of exfoliation, but it is relatively mild and will not cause large areas of peeling. If you have a little sister whose skin type is not suitable for using the acidic ingredients in the peeling foot film, you can try this moisturizing foot film.

Whitening and rejuvenating skin

Another part of the little sister's trouble is not the dead skin and dryness of her feet, but the dullness and lack of luster caused by the sun. In response to this problem, many businesses have produced foot films with whitening and rejuvenating effects. This kind of foot film is added with vitamin C, nicotinamide and other whitening ingredients, so it has the effect of whitening and brightening skin color. But in fact, we all know that whitening is not so simple, so when applying sunscreen, ladies and sisters must be armed to their feet.

Usage of foot membrane

The first step of using foot membrane: soak feet to soften horniness

Ladies, remember to soak your feet in hot water before using the foot mask. Soaking feet first can make the cuticle surface in a relaxed state, which is conducive to better play the effect of foot membrane essence and soften the cutin of feet.

The second step of using the foot membrane: put the foot into the foot membrane

After soaking our feet, we can take out the foot membrane. Ladies and sisters can first flatten the essence in the foot film bag evenly to the foot film, and then cut the foot film along the dotted line. Just like wearing socks, put your feet into the foot membrane, and gently press the outer layer of the foot membrane with your hands to make your feet closely contact with the essence. Ladies and sisters should move gently, and don't let the essence overflow.

Step 3: fix the foot membrane with adhesive tape and wait for 60 minutes

After putting on the foot film, we can tear off the double-sided tape on the ankle and seal the opening. It is suggested that ladies and sisters should put a pair of socks on the outside, so that the foot membrane can fit the skin more tightly and give full play to the effect. After that, wait patiently for an hour. During this period, you can play games, but the range of action should not be too large to avoid overflow of essence.

Step 4: take off the foot membrane

The little sisters can take it off after 60 minutes. First wash the essence on your feet with clean water, and then dry them with a dry towel. If the effect of a little sister is slow, you can bubble your feet more.

Step 5: wait for the cutin to fall off naturally

Generally, it will begin to peel after 3-10 days of use. Peeling may be large, small, fragmented or powdery, and usually the dead skin can fall off completely within 2-3 weeks.

Step 6: use moisturizing cream for follow-up care

Since the foot film will be relatively dry after use, ladies and sisters can apply body milk or moisturizing cream for follow-up care after all the cuticle has fallen off.

Precautions for use of foot membrane

It is best to conduct a skin test before using the foot membrane

Ladies and sisters had better have a skin test before using the foot film. Cut a little along the dotted line on the edge of the foot membrane, extract a small amount of essence, apply it to the soft parts of the skin such as the instep nurse's sole plate, and wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, if there is no allergy, clean the test part.

Don't peel off your feet by force

After using the foot membrane, large pieces of skin will begin to fall off but not completely fall off. Ladies and sisters, at this time, we must not forcibly peel off the skin of our feet. This will affect the growing new skin and even hurt the skin.

Use it at most once a month

Regardless of the effect, ladies and sisters should pay attention: it is best to use the foot film again after a month, because the peeling foot film is highly corrosive, and frequent use will damage the tolerance and barrier function of the foot skin.

Peeling effect varies from person to person

If a little sister feels no effect after using it, don't worry. The use effect of foot film varies from person to person. If the cuticle is thin, the foot skin is also well protected at ordinary times. In fact, this product is not much needed, so the effect will be less obvious when used. If the cuticle is a little thick and there are some calluses, a pair can completely achieve the peeling effect, but you need to wait for 2-7 days for the acid in the foot membrane to act. If the calluses are thick and hard and the cuticle is thick, it may take 2-3 pairs to see the effect.

Cannot be used to treat beriberi

Ladies and sisters, don't easily listen to the words "foot membrane can cure beriberi" in business advertisements. Beriberi is a foot skin disease caused by fungal infection. Exfoliation and dead skin cannot take away these fungi. On the contrary, it may be easier for bacteria to invade and aggravate the disease because the cuticle is thinner and the resistance is weakened.

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