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Cosmetic packaging

  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized trilogy facial mask eye mask bag pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag
  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized trilogy facial mask eye mask bag pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag
  • The manufacturer specializes in printing customized trilogy facial mask eye mask bag pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag

The manufacturer specializes in printing customized trilogy facial mask eye mask bag pure aluminum foil composite plastic packaging bag

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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Three in one divisional packaging bag

It is usually called the facial mask trilogy, which divides the whole facial mask bag into three areas and maintains the skin step by step.

Production control points of facial mask packaging bag

1. Printing

From the perspective of current market requirements and consumers, facial mask is basically regarded as a high-end product, so the most basic decoration requirements are different from the requirements of ordinary food and daily chemical packaging, at least a "tall" consumer psychology. For printing, taking pet printing as an example, its overprint accuracy and hue requirements will be at least one level higher than other packaging requirements. If the national standard is that the main overprint accuracy is 0.2mm, then the secondary position of facial mask packaging bag printing basically needs to meet this printing standard in order to better meet the requirements of customers and consumer needs.

In terms of color difference, customers of facial mask packaging are also much stricter and more refined than ordinary food enterprises.

Therefore, in the printing process, enterprises producing facial mask packaging should pay attention to control overprint and hue. Of course, for the printing substrate, there will also be higher requirements to meet the high requirements of printing standards.

2. Compound

Compounding mainly controls three aspects: compounding wrinkling, compounding solvent residue, compounding pitting and bubbles. In this process, these three aspects are the key factors affecting the yield of facial mask packaging bags.

(1) Compound wrinkling

It can be seen from the above structure that the facial mask packaging bag mainly involves the compounding of pure aluminum. Pure aluminum is rolled from pure metal into a very thin film-like sheet, commonly known as "aluminum film" in the industry, with a basic thickness of 6.5~7 μ M, of course, there is also a thicker aluminum film.

Pure aluminum film is very prone to wrinkle or fracture, or tunnel and other abnormalities in the composite process. Especially for the laminating machine with automatic feeding, it is easy to be uneven due to the irregularity of the automatic bonding of the paper core during feeding, which is very easy to make the aluminum film wrinkle directly after compounding, or even dead wrinkle.

For wrinkle, on the one hand, we can remedy it from the post process to reduce the loss caused by wrinkle. It is a way to rewind the composite glue when it is stable to a certain state, but this is only a way to reduce it; On the other hand, it can be reduced from the root cause, such as using a larger paper core to make the winding effect more ideal.

(2) Compound solvent residue

Because the facial mask package basically contains aluminum plating or pure aluminum, for the composite, the existence of aluminum plating or pure aluminum is unfavorable to the volatilization of the solvent, because the barrier of the two is stronger than other general materials, so it is unfavorable to the volatilization of the solvent. Although it is clearly stated in the standard gb/t10004-2008 plastic composite films and bags for packaging dry composite extrusion composite: this standard is not applicable to plastic films and bags made of plastic materials and paper base or aluminum foil.

However, at present, facial mask packaging enterprises and most enterprises also follow the national standard. For aluminum foil bags, they also follow the requirements of the standard, which has produced some misleading.

Of course, there are no clear requirements in the national standard, but we still need to control solvent residues in actual production. After all, this is a very critical control point.

In terms of personal experience, it is feasible to effectively improve the selection of glue, the speed of production machine, the temperature of oven and the exhaust air volume of equipment. Of course, this aspect needs to be analyzed and improved according to specific equipment and environment.

(3) Composite pitting and bubble

This problem is also more related to pure aluminum, especially when the structure of composite pet/al is easier to show. Many "Crystal Point" like phenomena or similar "bubble" point like phenomena will accumulate on the composite surface. The main reasons are as follows:

Substrate: the surface treatment of substrate is not good, which is easy to produce pitting and bubbles; Too many and too large crystal points of base material PE are also a main reason for problems. On the other hand, the particle of ink is also one of the factors. There are also similar problems in the combination of the levelness of glue and the coarser particles of ink.

Moreover, in the operation of the machine, when the solvent volatilization is not enough and the compound pressure is not enough, similar phenomena will also occur, or the glue screen roller is blocked, or foreign matters.

Look for better solutions from the above aspects, and judge or eliminate them pertinently.

3. Bag making

At the control point of the finished product process, it mainly depends on the flatness of the bag and the strength and appearance of the edge banding.

In the process of making finished bags, flatness and appearance are difficult to grasp. Because the final technical level is determined by the machine operation, equipment and staff's operating habits, the bag is very easy to scratch in the finished product process, and there are abnormalities such as size and edge.

For facial mask bags with strict requirements, these are definitely not allowed. For this problem, we might as well manage the machine from the most basic 5S aspect to control the scratch phenomenon.

As the most basic workshop environment management, the machine cleaning involved is one of the basic production guarantees to ensure that the machine is clean and tidy, no foreign matters appear on the machine, and ensure normal and smooth work. Of course, the most basic and specific operation requirements of the machine should be changed.

In terms of appearance, for the requirements of edge banding and edge banding strength, it is generally required to use a finer grain, or even a flat sealing knife to press the edge banding. This is a special requirement. It is also a great test for the operator of the machine.

4. Selection of base materials and auxiliary materials

For PE used in facial mask, we need to choose functional PE materials that are dirt resistant, liquid resistant and acid resistant. From the perspective of consumers' usage habits, PE materials also need to have tear resistance. For the appearance requirements of PE itself, crystal point is the key production control point, otherwise, many abnormalities will occur in our compounding process.

The liquid of facial mask basically contains a certain proportion of alcohol or alcohol substances, so the glue we choose needs to use medium resistant glue.

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