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Industrial packaging

  • Manufacturer customized binary packaging bag spray inner bag environmental protection packaging bag QS certification quality assurance

Manufacturer customized binary packaging bag spray inner bag environmental protection packaging bag QS certification quality assurance

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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What is binary bag

The basic working principle of traditional spray is to push the liquid out of the nozzle through the expansion of the fluid under high pressure.

Abbreviation: one fluid pushes another fluid.

This technology has been popularized since World War II. As a mature technology, traditional spray has greatly improved the quality of life, but there are also many problems. The more prominent point is environmental protection and safety. Traditional propellants are generally flammable and explosive components, and the direct mixing of materials and propellants also puts the materials at risk of pollution.

For a series of problems, binary packaging has been promoted and has been used in the field of food and fire extinguishers abroad. Cosmetics and home furnishings have also begun to adopt this technology.

Compared with traditional spray packaging, binary packaging stores propellant and material separately, which is different from traditional propellant and material liquid "living in the same room". The propellant is also composed of safe and pollution-free compressed nitrogen and air.

Duality is less harmful to the product itself and the environment. In addition, it also has these advantages:

1. Avoid the contact between the product and oxygen, and do not need preservatives;

2. Flammable propellant is not required, which is hygienic and sterilized;

3. Low spray noise;

4. The product emptying rate reaches 99%, and the waste is small;

5. You can take high-speed rail.

Now domestic manufacturers also begin to use binary packaging products. Such binary products can be seen in cosmetics, home furnishings and food. Generally, shake the bottle. If there is no "bang" sound, it is binary packaging. Of course, due to the complex process of binary packaging, the production cost and price will be relatively high.

The dual packaging of sunscreen spray can ensure the purity of the liquid and the packaging is more environmentally friendly. Even without adding anti-corrosion ingredients, the dual packaging can also provide three-year shelf life.

The agent and the propellant are packed separately in their respective containers, which reduces the complexity of the formula.

It does not release projectiles during use, so as to reduce the impact on safety and environment.

To put it simply, let's take the cosmetics Sunscreen Spray as an example: now the common Sunscreen Spray on the market is a simple "one yuan packaging" structure. The raw materials and projectiles (irritant gases) are all in an aluminum tank. Shake them well before use. The smell of the spray is pungent, and it will be painful if you accidentally enter your eyes. The Korean ECEC Sunscreen Spray adopts the "dual packaging" structure. The sunscreen raw materials are placed in the aluminum bag, and the compressed air is in the space between the aluminum tank and the aluminum bag. In this way, only the sunscreen raw materials are sprayed, and there is nothing else. This will reduce the harm of harmful gases to the skin, and will not be pungent or spicy. Since flammable and explosive gases are not filled, storage and transportation are also safe.

Why is "dual packaging" so good, but few cosmetics products use this kind of packaging?

"Dual packaging" also has some disadvantages:

① High cost;

② Complex production process;

③ Large production consumption.

Therefore, brands rarely choose "dual packaging", because the cost will be several times higher than that of ordinary packaging. Especially in the current price war of e-commerce, many people only compare prices and don't care what kind of packaging they use. Because the appearance looks no different.

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