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Shrink film label

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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In today's dazzling array of goods, good goods cannot be separated from good-looking packaging. Similarly, labels are also indispensable to highlight the company's image. The corresponding label film is such an existence. A good label carries the complete product information and display effect, and also highlights the temperament and personality of the product itself, which plays a finishing touch on the product packaging; Show more product introduction materials in the form of QR code, connect to the brand behind more products, similar product introduction and other company information, it can be said that a good label brings a great role in publicity and marketing, and the role of the label film is indispensable!

Label film has a wide range of applications and is widely used in the packaging of food, beverages and other consumer goods. Every enterprise or business hopes that its products can be identified by consumers on the dazzling shelves. It is this demand that stimulates the rapid development of the label film market. For example, for some coffee creamers, dairy products and lactic acid bacteria, the label film almost covers the external surface of the whole packaging bottle. In addition, there are label films in the decoration of various products, such as juice, pet food, bottled water, drugs, cosmetics, lawn maintenance products and auto parts.

The latest research shows that the global label film market is growing at an average annual rate of 10% - 15%. Behind such strong demand, there are many advantages of label film. The label adds the advantages of eye-catching, improved quality and 360 ° decoration to blow molded plastic bottles or containers. The label can be tightly attached to any irregular shaped bottle body, especially when the fitting is extended to the bottleneck, bottle cap or bottle cap, the label can significantly change the characteristics of the container.

A good label film can bring:

1. Close fitting packaging, highlighting the appearance and modeling, and increasing the publicity effect. 2. High transparency and bright color of labels. 3. The printing pattern is perfect, which is more suitable for shallow screen printing. 4. Wear resistance is good, and the back printing makes the label have better wear resistance. 5. The packaging process and equipment are relatively simple, with good heat sealing and adhesion. 6. It is easy to punch holes, open strips and close and split strips. A good label film is not only the beauty of the product, but also makes consumers feel that the product is beautiful and atmospheric at a glance, resulting in purchase behavior. Therefore, excellent label film is the first choice of the majority of label film enterprises!

Heat shrinkable film is a common packaging film. At first, PVC shrinkable film was mainly used. With the continuous development of market demand, PVC shrinkable film gradually decreased, while various PE, PP, pet, OPP, PVDC, POF and other multi-layer coextrusion heat shrinkable films developed rapidly and became the mainstream of the market. In packaging applications, we often use its imagination of heat shrinkage to achieve the body fitting effect or cluster packaging; At the same time, it is used to protect the contents from pollution or damage. The principle of thermal shrinkage is that during the production of thin films, the active molecular segments are oriented at the melting point or glass transition temperature, and then cooled to below the crystallization point or glass transition temperature to rapidly cure the molecular orientation; When reheated above the melting point or glass transition temperature, the polymer segments will become active again, and the originally oriented molecular segments begin to curl and connect, which is macroscopically manifested as film shrinkage.

Heat shrinkable films can be generally divided into two categories, barrier shrinkable films and non barrier shrinkable films. There are several small classifications under the two major classifications. Now let's briefly introduce the characteristics of each shrink film.

Barrier shrink films are mostly 5~9-layer coextrusion structures containing barrier materials (EVOH, PVDC) and produced by three bubble blowing process. It is generally used in meat or fresh food packaging that has certain requirements for oxygen barrier. This kind of shrink film has a specific market, but the production technology is difficult, so the added value is high.

There are many classifications of non barrier shrink films. According to the different raw materials and processes, it is generally divided into four categories (PVC shrink film, PE shrink film, POF shrink film, and other shrink films).

Characteristics of PVC heat shrinkable film PVC shrinkable film is one of the longest history shrinkable films. It is produced by double bubble process with twice blowing of PVC. PVC shrink film has the characteristics of high transparency, high stiffness and low shrinkage temperature. In recent years, POF shrink film has occupied a large number of PVC shrink film markets in the field of display packaging. However, in the shrinking bottle label market, relying on the characteristics of low cost, high shrinkage ratio and easy printing, PVC shrinking film still occupies most of the market share.

Characteristics of PE heat shrinka

PE heat shrinkable film is another kind of shrinkable film with a long history. As the name suggests, PE heat shrinkable film is a heat shrinkable film produced with polyethylene as raw material. Unlike PVC shrink film, PE shrink film is produced by ordinary film blowing process. Due to the high processing temperature (much higher than the melting point of polyethylene), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) containing a large number of long branched chain structures is generally used as production raw materials. In this way, a film with sufficient transverse shrinkage can be obtained. In recent years, with the development of catalyst technology and polymerization process, some new metallocene polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene can not only provide excellent mechanical properties, but also provide better transverse shrinkage properties. Therefore, a large number of PE shrink films with high transparency and high strength have appeared in the market.

Characteristics of POF heat shrinkable film

POF shrink film has developed very rapidly in recent years. The common POF shrink film is a three-layer coextrusion structure of ternary polypropylene (TER PP) surface layer and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) core layer. Similar to PVC shrink film, POF shrink film is also produced by double bubble method. Since the second film bubble is not easy to stabilize, the requirements for linear low-density polyethylene in the formula are very high. Dow 2045 is considered as a common raw material for POF film. Cross linked film is a high-end product in POF shrink film. Different from ordinary POF membrane, the crosslinked membrane is pure PE structure. The production process is also slightly different from the ordinary double bubble process. In the production of crosslinked film, the PE film bubble needs to be crosslinked by electron beam irradiation before the second film bubble. Compared with ordinary POF film, cross-linked film has better shrinkage and heat sealing performance, and can adapt to different packaging machines and contents. In addition, the production process is complex and difficult, and the added value is much higher than that of ordinary POF film.

In addition to the several common shrink films introduced above, there are also some special shrink films. For example, the shrink film of PETG and PS substrates. These films are produced by flat film stretching process. In the process of stretching, the stretching ratio in the longitudinal and transverse directions can be adjusted to obtain a unidirectional shrinkage film. With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, PETG shrink film has begun to partially replace PVC shrink film on the bottle label.

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