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Packaging roll film

  • Manufacturer printed customized cake bread filled with nitrogen automatic packaging roll film color printing logo

Manufacturer printed customized cake bread filled with nitrogen automatic packaging roll film color printing logo

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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Generally, the materials used in food packaging bags include PET film, PE film, PA film, OPP film and CPP film.


PET film: this film is super transparent, hard, high temperature resistant, and has good printing effect. It is more suitable for making outer packaging bags for food. PET film feels particularly fragile, and it can make a rustling crisp sound when held in your hand.

PE film: the transparency is slightly inferior to CPP, but softer than CPP. PE film has better tensile properties and tensile breaking force. There are two kinds of milky PE and transparent PE (hdpe/ldpe/lldpe), which have a soft feel.

PA film (nylon): PA material is relatively tough, transparent, wear-resistant, puncture resistant, easy to be oxidized, easy to shrink and wrinkle. This material is suitable for similar bone products.

OPP film: the material is hard and can't be stretched. The heat sealing type is very good, but the transparency is relatively general, the material is brittle, and the feel is poor.

CPP Film: CPP material is less transparent than OPP but better than PE. The material is soft and high temperature resistant. It can be used as printing material, but it is not easy to print.

The packaging roll film of bread and cake is made of bopp/lldpe two-layer composite. Its characteristics are moisture-proof, cold resistance and strong low-temperature heat sealing tension.

Nitrogen filled packaging film:

Vacuum inflatable packaging put the food into the packaging bag, extract the air in the packaging bag to reach the predetermined vacuum, then fill in nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ethylene and other gases, and then complete the sealing process. The commonly used material structure is opp/cpp.

Scope of application of nitrogen filled packaging film:

It is suitable for all kinds of packaging of plastic composite films and plastic aluminum foil composite films. It is used for vacuum packaging or vacuum nitrogen filling packaging of liquid, semi fluid, solid granular, powdery, paste food, fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, flowers, chemicals, precious medicinal materials, precious calligraphy and paintings, electronic raw devices, as well as all kinds of mothproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew proof, and anti-oxidation items, so as to extend the shelf life.

Characteristics of nitrogen filled packaging film:

1. Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging has a beautiful and generous appearance, and its real shape can be visualized. The shape of vacuum packaging is broken, so it is difficult to check the real shape of its packaging products, and the packaging grade is not high.

2. Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging, internal and external pressure difference balance (-600 ~ -700mmhg) air will not gradually penetrate into the packaging bag through the micropores of the packaging bag, so as to prevent premature corruption and deterioration of fresh-keeping products.

3. Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging is most suitable for fragile packaging, which is afraid of squeezing materials (such as flowers, chips, snack foods, etc.), and vacuum packaging cannot be achieved.

4. Some food or materials containing water will leak out due to the pressure difference in the bag after vacuum packaging, which will affect the internal quality and surface beauty of food or materials.

5. Some fried foods or fruit and vegetable chips are packed with vacuum nitrogen filling, which can effectively prevent food from rancidity or extrusion and prolong storage time.

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