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Electronic packaging

  • Manufacturer customized ultra large thickened pure aluminum foil industrial moisture-proof plastic packaging bag with a width of less than 1.6 meters

Manufacturer customized ultra large thickened pure aluminum foil industrial moisture-proof plastic packaging bag with a width of less than 1.6 meters

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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Extra large aluminum foil bag (width below 1600mm, height unlimited)

It is mainly used in the packaging of large products.

Introduction to the three functions of aluminum foil bags. Aluminum foil bags are very popular in the market. Aluminum foil bags suitable for various industries also have their own uses, such as electronic products aluminum foil bags, which have three functions: anti-static, moisture-proof and anti electromagnetic interference. The aluminum foil bag itself has a unique pet/al/pa/pe four-layer structure, which makes the aluminum foil bag have high tensile strength, tensile strength and puncture resistance; The design of nylon layer solves the requirements of vacuum packaging in semiconductor industry, IC integrated circuit, SMT, led and precision electronics industry.

Aluminum foil bag function 1:

According to the product requirements, the aluminum foil bag of electronic products has good shielding property, and the inner package is invisible. It has a good protective effect on electrostatic sensitive elements and can prevent the potential harm of static electricity. In addition, the anti-static aluminum foil bag has excellent moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, and has good heat sealing performance, stability and environmental friendliness. In addition, the surface of the anti-static aluminum foil bag can also be printed with words, pattern marks, etc. In use, pure aluminum bags are more suitable for electronic components, such as cooked food and meat with high requirements for moisture-proof and vacuum pumping; Aluminized bags are suitable for the packaging of tea, powder, electronic components and other products.

Aluminum foil bag function 2:

In daily life, aluminum foil bags can be used as packaging bags for various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery accessories, consumer goods, food, industrial products, etc. with their good barrier, heat sealing, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, tasteless, soft and other characteristics.

Aluminum foil bag function 3:

These electronic components are wrapped in aluminum foil bags. But why must it be packed in an aluminum foil bag? The main reason is that the aluminum foil bag has the characteristics of antistatic, opaque, silvery white and reflective, and has a series of characteristics such as good barrier, heat sealing, shading, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention, tasteless and soft.

All these properties are attributed to aluminum (AL), a metal we are familiar with. As far as I know, the conductivity of aluminum is very good, and this is also an important factor for the anti-static function of aluminum foil package. Static electricity generated in electronic equipment is easy to cause damage to electronic components, which is one of the reasons why many IC chips are packed in aluminum foil bags. The aluminum foil bag made by this method can effectively prevent objects from being sunburned by the sun. Try to minimize the external influence on the object.

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