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Food packaging

  • The manufacturer prints customized bacon and sausage packaging plastic bag color printing logo

The manufacturer prints customized bacon and sausage packaging plastic bag color printing logo

  • The company is a manufacturer specializing in printing and producing composite aluminum foil packaging. Its products include: facial mask bags, food bags, detergent suction bags, pesticide bags, veterinary medicine bags, anti-static shielding bags and automatic packaging roll films. The product has high precision, rich layers, lifelike images, bright colors, low prices, and can be designed for free.

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Sausage packing bag

It is divided into outer packaging and inner packaging. Outer packaging usually uses high permeability materials, such as opp/cpp; The inner packaging needs vacuum pumping, so pa/pe material is commonly used. The vacuum packaging bag is explained in detail below.

Vacuum packing bag

In the season of high temperature and humidity, cured and cured meat products are prone to mildew, rancidity, bagging and other qualitative changes during the sales and storage process. At the same time, because cured and cured meat products must have a certain softness, this puts forward higher and newer requirements for the anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping technology of products.

1. The packaged products are packed in composite vacuum bags. In the season of high temperature and high humidity, the environmental temperature of the product is very suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. At the same time, pickled and cured meat products are easy to be polluted by microorganisms in the production and processing process. Vacuum packed cured and cured meat products can be stored at room temperature for more than half a year without deterioration in low temperature seasons and when the packaging is intact.

2. Self made preservative liquid with alcohol and koji liquor as solvent. 100 ml of edible ethanol (purity above 95%), 100 ml of Daqu wine (alcohol content about 52%), 3 grams of tertiary butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA) and di tertiary butyl hydroxytoluene (BHT) respectively, and 2 grams of sodium isovitamin C as preservative.

Ethanol and koji liquor are used as both solvents and safe and efficient preservatives in preservative and freshness preservation solutions. Ethanol molecule has dehydration effect, which makes bacterial protein denatured and precipitated, resulting in bacterial death. The purpose of adding Qu liquor is to give the fresh-keeping liquid mellow and thick flavor without destroying the flavor of the product; The second is to dilute the high concentration of alcohol to make it at the most appropriate and effective bactericidal concentration (70% - 75%).

Tert butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA) and di tert butyl hydroxytoluene (BHT) are antiseptic and fresh-keeping. BHA and BHT are commonly used antioxidants, which are cheap and easy to obtain. Both of them have strong antioxidant capacity and good stability. The combination of the two can play a synergistic role. BHA itself also has strong antibacterial ability. They are easy to dissolve in alcohol but difficult to dissolve in water. When sprayed on the surface of meat, it can alleviate the oxidation and hydrolysis on the surface of meat.

Sodium isovitamin C is used for preservation. The main function of sodium isovitamin C is to increase the efficiency of antioxidants. At the same time, it has its own antioxidant property, and cooperates with the role of nitrite to protect the color of products.

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